Thursday, 18 June 2009

Well I've not done much recently as been in a ridiculous amount of pain due to an abcessed molar - nice, I know!! Anyway...its out now - the most stubborn tooth the dentist had seen in years apparently!!
So its back to the creating - made a matching set in Rose Quartz to be a raffle prize for Lancaster and District Guide Association Dinner tonight so hopefully get a bit of advertising through there.
Also listed some new items on my Etsy shop
This new amethyst necklace is listed at 20$ but if you put "BLOG" or "TWITTER" or "FACEBOOK" into yours sales message I will refund you 10% through Paypal. Remember its FREE SHIPPING on every item :)
Got lots of orders to be getting on with too - 1 day I'll get my stitching done!!!
Thanks to everyone for the support so far


  1. I've left you something on my blog :)

  2. use the x-html box thing :D xxx

    hope your okay, katx