Wednesday, 22 July 2009

About time I

updated this!! SO much been going on!
Alice, my eldest, finished preschool and promptly developed a sky high temperature. Fearing the dreaded pig flu I spent an anxious day dosing her up on Calpol etc. Luckily she was back to her crazy self the next day.
Had a stall at a local Summer Fair last Sunday and made £100 which is fab as am going away with boyf this weekend to the English Heritage Fesitval of History. Not seen him for 3 weeks as he's been working overtime - will have forgotten what he looks like LOL!!!
Made 2 sales off my MISI shop :D , my pirate charm bracelet and a scissor keep. Good to get some postive feedback for my work.
Got to go and take baby for her MMR so need to get ready to go out in the rain (WTF??? Isn't it meant to be summer???)
TTFN xxx

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